We're Setting Our Sights in on Safety

At Safety in the Crosshairs we offer a full selection of NRA, USCCA, CSAP, and SITC courses taught by certified instructors being mindful of the individual needs of each and every student. Whether you are interested in learning about non-lethal methods of personal protection, taking the required New York State Concealed Carry pre-licensing course, or even if you are interested in taking proficiency enhancement training drill instruction; we have the course for you! Our courses are all offered in settings of private individualized instruction, small groups of 5-10 students, and can be scheduled for large private groups of 11 or more students. SITC specialty courses are developed and customized based upon student requests for detailed instruction to include one or more training topics. Below is a list of all the classes and training offered by our certified instructors. Click on each Class title for more information on that class. Contact us if you should have any questions or to register for a class.

Our Instructors

George Kaiser
Gillian Kaiser
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